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Grease Trap Cleaning

At Tetra we consider ourselves something of an authority on all things Grease Trap, which is why we we cater for a whole spectrum of GT related services. Unmaintained grease separators can be susceptible to costly overflows, blockages and odors and so cleaning is subject to strict regulations. Tetra’s DM approved grease trap deep cleaning service provides first-class cleaning for all types and volumes of grease traps and interceptors, using our own tankers to ensure that all waste is disposed of as per the relevant municipality regulations and guidelines. 

Full reports for all of Tetra’s services are prepared as standard and at no extra cost.

In addition to cleaning, Tetra's Grease Trap service extends from supply and installation of Grease Traps to biological dosing with our microbial grease digester Drain-Life.

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