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About Us

About Us

About Us

At Tetra Axis, we are extremely proud of our record for delivering first-class results.  Our commitment to excellence is at the heart of our core disciplines, where after many years in the industry Tetra Axis are able to offer a unique range of products and services: Grease Eradication Systems; Facilities Management and MEP Maintenance; Grease Trap, Water Tank, AC and Kitchen Extraction Duct Cleaning; Energy and Water Conservation Technologies; and Agricultural Biotechnology. Our network of expertise and associations throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia allows Tetra to uphold its status as a leading service provider while maintaining a strong focus on the environment.

Tetra Axis LLC is made up of four divisions:

1. Nature Science. Nature shows us time and again that it knows best. Tetra are able to utilize cutting edge biotechnological techniques which allows us to exploit natural processes and concentrate them to produce a number of powerful microbial-based solutions. The result is our microbial grease digester Drain-LifeTM and our range of Biological Control Agents and Plant Nutrition Aids for Agriculture

2. Water & Energy. By carefully selecting its partners Tetra is able to offer state of the art energy and water saving products to its clients. Our commitment to innovation and the environment together with our partnerships with leading European manufacturers means that Tetra is able to offer quality products that that are guarenteed to provide years of water, lighting and energy savings.

3. Tetra Axis Cleaning Services. Tetra’s cleaning division is made up of combined expertise of a number of professionals in industrial cleaning solutions for water tanks, sewage and sump tanks, air conditioning ducts, kitchen extraction ducts and hoods and sewer line jetting, bringing with it Tetra’s trademark attributes of diligence, honesty and quality. We make use of the latest technologies to deliver effective and environmentally friendly solutions across a range of technical cleaning services.

4. Tetra Axis FM Solution. The Facilities Management division began as a merger combining the expertise of Tetra and The FM Solution and can now draw on many years of experience in the industry. Service delivery is paramount; we are able to provide quality, bespoke FM solutions equipped to suit the unique needs of your business. 

Founder of Tetra Axis!

Managing Director
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Tetra challenges the idea that everyday products and services which are environmentally sustainable cannot be commercially favourable. We believe that commercial and environmental success are inextricably linked and are committed to demonstrating that fact in every aspect of our operations.


Our vision is to see Tetra and its associated companies become a premier supplier and service provider throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, by developing innovative products and technologies that provide sustainable solutions to liquid waste management and natural resource conservation. 


We at Tetra believe that real value stems from empowerment of our human resources, social responsibility and continued development by means of education and training. By instilling the Tetra ethos in our people, we strive to provide the best possible level of service. This ethos is centred around three core values:


Innovation – harnessing the power of innovation helps us to find sustainable solutions even in the most challenging environments.


Diligence – our commitment to excellence extends throughout our operations, aiming to stand out through our no-stone-unturned philosophy.


Honesty – we believe in the power of relationships and that building trust is an integral part of creating long term stability.


Our Team

Edward Gibbs

GM Nature Science

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Ramish Iman

GM Tank and Duct

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Vikas Melath

GM Sewage

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Matt Bridgman

Production Manager

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Lathikka PV

Administration Manager

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Policies & CSR


Tetra's overriding philosophy is one of corporate and social accountability. We work in accordance with the principle of sustainable development, based on harmony between our actions and environmental preservation. Adhering to this principle, we pursue business activities that reflect our concern for health, safety and the environment. Tetra works alongside its clients and strives to comply with and wherever possible, enhance the clients CSR.

It is our policy to source products and materials that are derived from sustainable sources wherever possible. All products that are manufactured by us for use in our business are non-harmful to microbes and bio-degradable.  This principle not only extends to the sourcing and development of our products but also to their disposal once they have reached the end of their usable life.

Tetra realises that staff are the core of the company. Future expansion and client retention are directly linked to staff performance, their health and wellbeing is an important factor in delivering fast and efficient services, which is why Tetra provides its staff with high quality accommodation. Regular training ensures that our staff remain informed and safe, enhancing their performance  which in turn is reflected in the level of service we’re able to deliver.

Tetra have a strong understanding of local requirements and regulations and work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver solutions that meet the demands of the client and the conventions of local regulatory authorities. Tetra Axis is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and is currently pursuing certification for OSHAS 18001. 

Since inception, under Tetra's HSE policy, staff have completed over 100,000 hours of work with zero reported incidents, accidents or injuries to employees or third parties. 


Awards & Certifications

Awards & Certifications

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Drain-Life Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme ESMA

Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme - Drain-Life