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Drain-LifeTM is a poweful microbial digester which uses the natural principles of bioremediation to break down fat, oil and grease into their raw constituents - water and carbon dioxide.

The years of research and development that has gone into Drain-LifeTM has resulted in formula which contains no colourings, perfumes or additives, only a solution which maximises the natural power of our grease-eating bacteria.

Drain-LifeTM has been developed based on the principle of bioaugmentation - the practice of introducing microbial cultures in order to speed up the rate of degradation of a contaminant. It contains a blend of aerobic bacteria at a minimum concentration of 1 x 108 (100 million) colony forming units per ml that have been carefully selected to maximise the breakdown of FOGs in wastewater from commercial and industrial kitchens. Tetra use vegetative Bacillus cells in Drain-LifeTM. The advantage of using live cells is that, unlike metabolically inactive spores, they can divide and proliferate immediately upon entry to the drainage system.

We offfer a bespoke service which includes:

  • Supply and Installation of proprietry peristaltic pump
  • Delivery and connection of Drain-LifeTM
  • Grease Trap deep cleaning
  • Drain line jetting
  • Ongoing maintenance of plumbing systems

Drain-LifeTM is now being used across the UAE and has proven to be a comprehensive and environmentally friendly solution in the eradication of built up grease and fat within drainage systems. It is also the first product of its kind to achieve ECAS accreditation from the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology. For a Drain-LifeTM Info Pack or for further information, enquire now.

Tetra Axis Drain-Life Dubai UAE

FOGs in kitchen wastewater can cause major issues in drainage systems

Grease trap biological dosing pump kitchen installation drainlife

How it works

The microbes in Drain-LifeTM act as millions of tiny enzyme-producing factories generating a range of extra-cellular, hydrolytic enzymes capable of degrading a wide spectrum of compounds including grease, lipids and long and short chain fatty acids. Unlike other non-biological products, the active ingredients in Drain-LifeTM are a dynamic community of organisms which can adapt and multiply in the drainage system.

Dosing takes place using a peristaltic dosing pump, which is programmed to intermittently release a fixed volume of Drain-LifeTM into kitchen drains, breaking down existing FOGs in drainage systems and grease traps as well as creating a biofilm of grease-eating bacteria on the inside of drain lines preventing further build-ups and reducing instances of costly blockages and odours. Application of Drain-LifeTM is also highly effective at reducing build ups of solid fats in grease traps, increasing grease trap capacity and reducing the need for cleaning while markedly decreasing odours.


Drain-Life microbial grease digester grease trap dosing Tetra Axis Dubai UAE

Drain-Life Microbial Grease Digester Batching Facilities

Drainlife microbial grease digester, bacillus spp. Tetra Axis Dubai UAE

Microscope Image of Bacillus spp. from Tetra's partner laboratory

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Case study

In August 2016, Tetra was invited by a Marjan Island hotel in Ras al-Khaimah to conduct a short trial of the Drain-Life Grease Eradication System. Despite having an existing Grease Eradication Program from another company, the hotel was experiencing problems with FOG accumulation in the drainage network and high Biological and Chemical Oxygen Demand of its grease trap effluent, an issue which was brought to the attention of the local sewage authority.

Tetra replaced 7 dosing systems in the main kitchen with Drain-Life Microbial Grease Digester. Wastewater samples from the external main grease trap were taken at T = 0 days and T = 11 days and BOD and COD were analyzed by an independent laboratory. Drain line camera inspections were also conducted at these points.

After 11 days of dosing with Drain-Life, BOD and COD in the grease trap was reduced by 62% and 67% respectively.

Drain line camera inspections show that grease accumulation in kitchen drain lines was reduced from 40% to around 10% over the same period.

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I would like you to know that we appreciate the quality and the timelines of the service you have provided both at Zayed Military Hospital Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra Air Base Abu Dhabi. Our work was handled in a very professional manner and the outcome was more than satisfactory. We will recommend your services to our associates without hesitation. In sum, it has been a pleasure to do business with you.

- Mohamed Mousa | Armed Forces Officers Club Catering