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Bio Plant Enhancers

Tetra offer a range of bacterial-based products made up of naturally occurring, wholly organic constituents with a number of pest control and plant nutrition aid functions. Tetra’s Bio Care product range increases the plants natural defence mechanisms and improve the efficiency of nutrient uptake, enhancing plant performance. 

Microbial communities play an important ecological role in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. By introducing chemical pesticides into agricultural systems, we are devaluing the services provided by these beneficial natural organisms. Tetra’s range of biological plant defence aids contain a mixture of bacteria and fungi which can be prepared to specifications and are a solution to a wide range of pest problems in agriculture and horticulture. 

In addition to Bio Root Care, Bio Foliar Care and Bio Nutrients, Tetra is able to offer wholly organic and effective solutions for biodegraders, probiotics for poultry and aquaculture, blended micronutrients and Neem Oil. 

Bio Plant Enhancer Tetra Axis UAE UK

Bio Plant Enhancers

Bio Plant Enhancer Abu Dhabi

How it works

Bio Root Care

Bio Root Care is applied as a soil application, seed or seedling treatment which can be formulated to offer a tailor-made blend of naturally occurring microbes which colonize the root zone, secreting secondary metabolites, targeting pathogens and suppressing growth in various pathogenic bacteria, fungi and nematodes.

Bio Foliar Care

Bio Foliar Care contains a number of species of entomopathogenic bacteria and fungi. It comes in the form of a liquid spray or powdered mix and when applied, this made-to-measure solution will reduce pest numbers rapidly either by ingestion by target insects or attachment and subsequent penetration of the exoskeleton, restricting the hosts physiological functions leading to reductions in problems associated with air-borne pests.

Bio Nutrients

Unlike chemical fertilizers, Tetra’s range of Bio Nutrients exploit the natural symbiotic relationships between plants and microbes. These organic products can be administered separately or as a mixture, made up of naturally occurring microbes including nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilizers, potash mobilizers and Vesicular Arbuscular Mychorrhizae (VAM). The network of mycorrhizal fungal filaments establish simultaneously inside the roots and the surrounding rhizosphere to which the root system has access. This leads to more efficient absorption of water and minerals by plant roots resulting in a better nutritive equilibrium. The outcome is an increase in plant resistance to environmental stresses such as drought, chilling and the detrimental effects of some root pathogens.


Drain-Life microbial grease digester grease trap dosing Tetra Axis Dubai UAE

Drain-Life Microbial Grease Digester Batching Facilities

Drainlife microbial grease digester, bacillus spp. Tetra Axis Dubai UAE

Microscope Image of Bacillus spp. from Tetra's partner laboratory

Bio Plant Enhancer Foliar Spray BCA UAE UK

Bio-foliar Care on Cucurbitaceae

Bio Plant Enhancer Foliar Spray Tetra Axis BCA UAE UK

Bio-foliar Care on Cucurbitaceae

Bio Plant Enhancer Root Care microbial Tetra Axis UAE UK

Bio Root Care on Seedlings


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