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Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning

Having years of experience in food and beverage and building management, Tetra has a comprehensive understanding of the regulations of kitchen hood and duct cleaning and problems that can have a detrimental impact on the efficiency and safety of buildings.

The fire hazards caused by unmaintained kitchen extraction systems means that duct and hood cleaning are subject to strict regulations. Regular kitchen hood and duct cleaning reduces stress on extraction systems, leading to increased life span and decreasing the risk of costly failures. Additionally, any decreases in efficiency of exhaust systems caused by build ups of grease can impact air flow, leading to issues with air quality, heat and smells throughout the building where the system is no longer able to facilitate adequate ventilation. Tetra’s expertise in kitchen exhaust systems mean that we clean to bare metal, using only the best materials to ensure that the job is 100% right every time.

Full reports for all of Tetra’s services are prepared as standard and at no extra cost. Click here for more information on Tetra's Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning Services.

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