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A Tetra guide to fulfilling Dubai’s sustainable vision | water-saving

01, Nov 2017

As part of Dubai’s vision to become a role model to the world in energy security and efficiency, the Emirate has set out numerous targets and initiatives aimed at reducing consumption. But even with the best will in the world, the development of a thriving, modern city in an environment like the gulf throws up a number of challenges. These difficulties become particularly acute when confronting the issue of water. Even in the UAE the available freshwater reserves are limited, with the majority of the country’s freshwater deriving from energy-consuming desalination. As a result, water conservation is more important than ever and will play a key role in the Emirate achieving its sustainability targets.

We at Tetra recognize that water is a valuable resource, which is why we are part of the front line of the shift to water-saving technologies. Tetra supply pressure compensating flow regulators and aerators from Neoperl, global leaders in water saving technologies, which can be easily fitted in faucets, shower and toilet hoses among a host of other functions at flow rates ranging from 2 to 15 liters per minute. Flow rate required varies with function, for example a flow rate of 2 liters per minute is adequate in most hand wash faucets. These devices can bring about dramatic reductions in water and cost savings, with ROI often within 6 months. In addition to the water savings, if you are using less water that means less energy is required to heat it, providing a secondary saving on energy. Malls, hotels, hospitals and office buildings are all examples of commercial buildings where introduction of water savers can greatly reduce consumption and subsequent carbon footprints.

All of this makes water savers and aerators a smart investment for companies looking to enhance their environmental management systems and could deliver a real benefit in contributing to not just Dubai, but the wider gulf region’s targets for environmental responsibility.

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