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Case studies

Bio-Plant Enhancers in Abu Dhabi Farms

Bio-Plant Enhancers in Abu Dhabi Farms

Farm one

In 2015, Tetra was invited to trial its biological plant defense treatments by a farm in Abu Dhabi who were experiencing problems with both a soil borne virus and air borne pathogens. After inspecting the situation, the team at Tetra put together a tailored integrated treatment consisting of powdered Bio Root Care and liquid Bio Foliar Care for the farm’s cucumber crop.  

Initially, Bio Root Care was mixed in with seedling potting compost. The resulting speed of germination saw a 70% improvement in the treated pots compared to the control. Post germination, Tetra trialled a liquid Bio Foliar Care treatment which was sprayed onto cucumber to combat problems with the air borne microbial pathogen Downy Mildew. This treatment resulted in a 30% increase in both growth and yield over the control and virtually eradicating the Mildew, reducing visible signs of the pathogen on leaves by 95%. The decrease in plant stress associated with the control of pathogenic plant pests resulted in a visible increase in both plant health and yield.


Farm two

Following the success of the test at farm one, Tetra were approached by another farm in Abu Dhabi experiencing problems with air borne foliar disease in grape vines, which was causing crinkle leaf, stunting growth and effecting yield. The issues were observed at the farm by Tetra’s technical partners, who proposed a custom blended bacterial solution in the form of a liquid Bio Foliar Care spray. This was administered in 3 applications over the course of 9 days at the beginning of the growth season.

12 days after application, new shoot growth in the treated plants averaged 200 mm, compared with under 50 mm in the control plots. The four-fold increase in shoot growth in less than two weeks, coupled with leaves that were visibly greener and heathier represented a positive result for Bio Foliar Care.